Spring 2019 Class Schedule/Fees
New classes start 3/18/19!  See NEW below
(as of December 12, 2018)

The Dance Connection - Spring 2019 Schedule


Please click on the class link in the schedule for more information and/or to register online. 

(Note - we are still working out any kinks in our new online registration.  If you encounter a problem, please call 903-880-9999 for help or to register in person (open Mon - Fri 3-6pm),  or email danceconnection.mabank@yahoo.com. Thank you) 

Returning FALL semester students do not need to re-register.  Please contact us if you would like to change classes.  Classes marked with a # are 6-week classes.  Classes marked  with a +  have made.  If you register for a class that has not yet made, we will put you on a waiting list and notify you of options.  

Classes are filling fast.  Don't Delay!  Please register by 1/31/19 to be in our 2019 Year-End Recital



Spring 2019

Studio A

Studio B

Available for Private Lessons, Birthday Parties
Available for Private Lessons, Birthday Parties
Available weekday mornings for group or private lessons and rentals, or we can come to you!
**With instructor approval
*two classes+ per week highly recommended
***Full - Waiting list only


Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Tuition/Fees


Tuition fees:

Line Dance/Fitness Dance/Yoga

$15 per class OR
6 weeks - 1X/week $72
 or 2X/week classes $120

Six Week Mini pricing:  Registration $10 

30 minutes per week  $75, 45 minutes per week  $90, 60 minutes per week  $105, 90 minutes per week  $135

2nd Saturday Ball - TBA

Private Ballroom lessons available

Private Lessons $30/30 minutes


Regular Class Fee & Tuition Structure

All other monthly classes tuition is based on total number of minutes of class instruction per week per person and requires an annual registration.

Yearly Registration fees (non-refundable) 1st year $20 per student (maximum of 2 per family)

2nd + years $15 per student (maximum of 2 per family)

Single class per hour $20, applied to tuition if register


½ hr/30 minutes/week = $ 50/month                  ¾ hr/ $ 55/month

1 hr/ $ 60/month                                                   1 ¼ hr/ $ 65/month

1 ½ hr/ $ 70/month                                               1 ¾ hr/ $ 75/month

2 hr/ $ 80/month                                                    2 ¼ hr/ $ 85/month

2 ½ hr/ $ 90/month                                                2 ¾ hr/ $ 95/month

3 hr/ $100/month                                                   3 ¼ hr/ $105/month

3 ½ hr/ $110/month                                               3 ¾ hr/ $115/month

4 hr/ $120/month                                                   4 ¼ hr/ $125/month

4 ½ hr/  $130/month                                              4 ¾ hr/ $135/month

5 hr/ $140/month



Family Discount 10% for single payer account

Pay for the next month before the 1st of that month, get a 5% discount

Referral Discount $10 for each new referral with paid registration.



We do 2 costumed stage shows per year:

Holiday Show Rental Costume fees (You borrow, you return)

Refundable costume deposit or credit card on file +$15-$20 cleaning/maintenance fee


Spring Recital Costume fees (You buy, you keep) Prices include all taxes, delivery, and alteration charges

(Combo classes may have up to 1 costume for each discipline)

Sizes 2-6 $ 65

Sizes 8-12 $ 75

Sizes 14-16 $ 85

Adult S-L $ 85

Adult XL $ 95


Production fee for all stage shows: $35 per student, maximum of 2 per family


Competition fees range from $35(group numbers) to $80+(solos) per entry