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Wanting to vary our holiday production from our annual Nutcracker, in 2017, we decided to do the story of Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer that celebrates the differences in all of us.  While many of the costumes and set pieces were new, we did reuse some items from our Nutcracker production as noted below.  This production also features parts for ages 4+ and includes choreography for recreational tap, jazz, hip-hop and ballet.  Again, many roles were double cast, so the production could accommodate a larger cast of 50-60.

Opening scene:  "won't let Rudolf join in any reindeer games..."  We have 9 small reindeer costumes size 4-8 including

...a young Rudolf and Clarisse

Scene 2 - Santa's Elves in Santa's Workshop

Toy soldier (costumes from The Nutcracker production, more available than we used) assembly line to add hats, wind-up keys, and toy guns keeps moving until...

...Hermie decides that this toy soldier need dental work and a catastrophe ensues.  Hermie is kicked out.  

In the meantime, Rudolph has grown up and is ready for Santa's Reindeer Tryouts, but after his fake nose falls off, he is kicked out.

Clarice comforts Rudolph, but her Dad forbids her to be his friend, so he leaves and meets up with Hermie, when they are soon confronted by...

The Abominable Snowman.  

Escaping, (notice Rudolph's nose lights up) they meet up with Cornelius and his Sled Puppies, but Abominable finds them, sled puppies exit with sled, but Rudolph, Hermie and Cornelius are trapped on the iceberg (white platform upstage) But using the pickax, they are able to separate and float away (platform divides and is pulled offstage with ropes as curtain closes on Act I

Act 2 opens with them arriving at  "The Island of Misfit Toys" (l-r) Train with square wheels, cowboy riding an Ostrich, Jill in the Box, Elephant with pink polka dots, Raggedy Ann with Pink Hair, Flying Lion.  The white structure is borrowed from our Nutcracker production in the Snow scene.  We have also previously used the painted backdrop flats for the Snow scene in The Nutcracker.

Rudolph, afraid his glowing nose would attract  Abominable, strikes out on his own, but Hermie, Cornelius, and Clarice (who was searching for him on her own), find Rudolph and Abominable at his cave, knock the snow monster unconscious with snow boulders, Hermie removes his bad tooth, and now with a friendly Bumble, they return to Santa's Workshop as friends

Traveling as snow begins to fall...  (Snow effect on scrim also used in the upcoming blizzard scene that we lack photos from)

Where arriving on Christmas Eve, they all pitch in to help.  The Christmas Tree is from our Nutcracker production.  We have more little elf skirts and hats of various sizes.  We used the leotards from Nutcracker Peppermint costumes.  A blizzard ensues, and the little elves attempt to load Santa's sleigh (no good photos, but we used the same sleigh bottom in The Grinch production.) while being "blown" offstage.  Rudolph's bright nose helps, and Santa has Rudolph lead his team.  Then they make a stop to pick up the Misfit Toys, and after delivering all the toys...

Rudolph is celebrated in the finale "You'll go down in History!"