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For Sale - Inventory, Costumes, Sales Display Racks, Props, Backdrop Standees, electronics, and More!











These photos were of our display windows decorated for Christmas 2020.  All standees are for sale, merchandise, lighting and decorations.






Elephant standee is far right.  Blue curtain is available. Tutus are available (we have 3-6 more available)  Circus Ring is no longer available, Silks apparatus was borrowed..

Strong Man Muscle costume for child size 5-7 and Bar Bells prop are available.

In action - Look at those muscles!

Peanuts, Popcorn, and Cotton Candy Vendors props.  We have 2 or 3 more.

Fire Poi Juggler props.  We have 3-4 more.

Costumes are also available.  Plus 3-4 more leotards.

Dance Canes (6-8), Adult costumes (1 or 2 with Bowler hats).

Adult Men's Sm-Md Prince Jacket.  Also have a light blue Jacket. Md-Lg

(1) dance dress Adult Lg

(1)Pink Panther costume and (5-6)beautiful bamboo and paper lime green parasols, with pom-poms glued to tips to protect young eyes

Pom-pom Spanish hat (1-2) and maracas 6+ sets) are available, as well as 1 Carmen Miranda hat

Paper Lollipops (5-6)

(7) swirl skirts, white tank leotards, wooden violin props

Round wooden photo op standee on left has been re-painted as The Nutcracker.  I'll try to take a new photo and post.  Standee on right is no longer available.