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For Sale - Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment & Physical Space Photos

This is the front entrance of the building with the two display windows.  Note:  Front has just been repainted and is looking good!











These photos were of our display windows decorated for Christmas 2020.

Front Room.  This is inside the front door looking through the lobby to the main dance space currently set up for a performance space.  The 12' ceilings are covered with beautiful tin tiles and includes pendant lights and ceiling fans.  The carpeted lobby area is 27'4" deep by 20' wide.  There is a large, 2-piece wood room divider to the left, that can be moved to separate the two spaces for a more enclosed dance class space.  The divider has room for video monitors (included in the sale price) of both dance classrooms so that parents can observe from the lobby



This is the view to the left of the room divider which also functions for merchandise display.  The lattice backing is still available to reassemble as a room divider that spans 16'+ wide and 8' tall.  To the right of the blackboard is a hall that leads to the dressing room/rest room/storage room behind the main dance space.

This is the view to the right of the office space and the two antique display cases included.  To the immediate right (not in photo) is a single person changing stall.  

The wooden floating dance floor (35'x20' is covered with a removeable non-slip Marley (32'x19'10").  The wall mounted dance barres are adjustable.  The mirrors are 6' high by 32' long.  The ceiling is 12'.  Two windows and one door lead to the restroom and changing area in the middle room.

Middle Room.  Photo from the hall looking from the doorway incudes the group dressing area, new(9/2020) HVAC unit with new (9/2020) Remy Halo air purifier to right of dressing area, and the restroom.

Kitchen, storage and work area to the right of the rest room. Door to the front room is to the right of the kitchen area.

More storage space in the middle room.  There are also shelves above the two desks to the left.  Hallway to the front is to the left, with door to the back room to the right..


Back Room.  Looking from the door to the middle room towards the rear exit door.  Raised oak wood tap floor is 16' wide by 12'4" deep.  The room measures 25' by 20'.  Storage of sets and props are masked off fully on two sides of the dance floor, and partially at the back.


From the rear exit door looking across the dance floor to the mirrors at the front of the dance space.


Masked off area on the right of the dance floor.  Two portable dance barres, one is adjustable.


Masked off area to the left of the dance floor.  Shelf above the door(not in photo) is for the video camera for the classroom monitor.


Covered parking and storage space for large set pieces at the rear of the building and new (9/2020) 5 ton AC unit.