Fall 2019 Class Schedule/Fees
New 6-week classes to start week of 10/21/19.  Look for orange # below.
(as of October 10, 2019)

The Dance Connection - Fall 2019 Schedule


Please click on the class link in the schedule for more information.  Scroll down for class fees.  To go directly to the registration page, please click here.  

(Note - we are still working out any kinks in our online registration.  If you encounter a problem, please call or text 903-880-9999 for help or to register,  or email danceconnection.mabank@yahoo.com. Thank you) 


Fall 2019

Studio A

Studio B

Available for Private Lessons, Birthday Parties
Available for Private Lessons, Birthday Parties
Available weekday mornings for group or private lessons and rentals, or we can come to you!
**With instructor approval
*two classes+ per week highly recommended
***Full - Waiting list only


Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Tuition/Fees


Tuition fees:


Private Lessons $30/30 minutes

# New 6-week classes $75 for whole 6 weeks, no registration fee!

Regular Class Fee & Tuition Structure

All monthly classes tuition is based on total number of minutes of class instruction per week per person and requires an annual registration.

Yearly Registration fees (non-refundable) 1st year $20 per student (maximum of 2 per family)

2nd + years $15 per student (maximum of 2 per family)

Single class per hour $20, applied to tuition if register


½ hr/30 minutes/week = $ 50/month                  ¾ hr/ $ 55/month

1 hr/ $ 60/month                                                   1 ¼ hr/ $ 65/month

1 ½ hr/ $ 70/month                                               1 ¾ hr/ $ 75/month

2 hr/ $ 80/month                                                    2 ¼ hr/ $ 85/month

2 ½ hr/ $ 90/month                                                2 ¾ hr/ $ 95/month

3 hr/ $100/month                                                   3 ¼ hr/ $105/month

3 ½ hr/ $110/month                                               3 ¾ hr/ $115/month

4 hr/ $120/month                                                   4 ¼ hr/ $125/month

4 ½ hr/  $130/month                                              4 ¾ hr/ $135/month

5 hr/ $140/month



Family Discount 10% for single payer account

Pay for the next month before the 1st of that month, get a 5% discount

Referral Discount $10 for each new referral with paid registration.



We do 2 costumed stage shows per year:

Holiday Show Rental Costume fees (You borrow, you return)

Refundable costume deposit or credit card on file +$15-$20 cleaning/maintenance fee


Spring Recital Costume fees (You buy, you keep) Prices include all taxes, delivery, and alteration charges

(Combo classes may have up to 1 costume for each discipline)

Sizes 2-6 $ 65

Sizes 8-12 $ 75

Sizes 14-16 $ 85

Adult S-L $ 85

Adult XL $ 95


Production fee for all stage shows: $35 per student, maximum of 2 per family


Competition fees range from $35(group numbers) to $80+(solos) per entry