Facilities & Party Rental

The studio offers facilities rental, birthday parties and party rental one of two ways.


You may rent out the studio for $45 an hour for such activities as meetings, rehearsal, practice, etc. We take care of only the cleaning and will have 1 staff person to open and lock the doors and help facilitate the proceedings. Or, you may hire one of the instructors to plan and lead activities at your party. Minimum rental is 2 hours for party rentals. We can really do anything you can dream up: dance parties, super hero parties, theme parties, etc.

A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the requested date and time. Current prices are effective for rentals booked after 10-5-2016.

Daddy Daughter Dance

There are different levels of what we can do:

    Basic Party – cost $70/hour ($5.00 extra per hour for each child over 15 children) includes   hourly rental and cost of the instructor. Plan on 1 hour 15 minutes of the party for games, dancing,   etc that is facilitated by the instructor. These activities can be tailored to what you are looking for: a ballerina birthday party, a dance party, a themed party, etc. 45 minutes for cake, ice cream and opening  presents. You provide cake, party supplies, and decorations, etc. Plan on an additional 30 minutes before or after the party for setting up, packing up, and waiting on parents to return. You don’t have to do any cleaning. For up to 15 children (additional cost per additional child).        


Sample Add-ons:

Craft project for the guests to do and take home - $5 per person

Tutus - $10 per person          

Wands - $2 per person

Tiaras - $3 per person

              Peacock Themed            Valentines             Daddy Daughter Valentine's Dance         

Other parties ideas- superhero, hip-hop happening, bachelorette, Sweet Sixteen, Valentines Day, Christmas, Halloween.  Have another idea? Please talk to us. We would love to help you make your party a truly memorable and special occasion! Call 903-880-9999 to schedule your free consultation.


Note: Our instructors are also available to travel to you for your special event!

Please contact the studio for more information or to reserve a date for your party/rental.