Youth Dance Classes


Some people think good dancers are born, but all good dancers I have known are taught or trained.” - Fred Astaire


“Dance, Dare, Dream, Do!”    


Our Youth Dance classes are for ages 7 and up.  At this stage, your child, with their increased ability to focus, and increased coordination, balance, and strength, are now ready for a more focused dance training.

Our hope is to provide a professional and fun atmosphere in which each of our students can learn and grow, as well as develop memories, a foundation for excellence and self-confidence, and an appreciation of the arts to last a lifetime.


Ballet I Ages 7+

Ballet training is the foundation of classical dance technique and will benefit not only all other dance genres, but also any other movement or sport activity that the future brings.  Ballet I introduces the fundamentals of classical ballet technique with each class focusing on proper and safe body posture and alignment, building strength and flexibility in each student's range of movement, while also building on ballet vocabulary.  Class structure and discipline are maintained in an atmosphere that encourages each student to work hard, do their best, and never give up.  Creativity and musicality are explored through small exercises in improvisation, encouraging moving with abandon and joy.  Watch your child's confidence and appreciation for the art of ballet grow as they master new skills and make new friends.  Also offered in a combination class with tap and/or jazz and hip-hop.  Leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes.  


Tap I & II Ages 7+

This class introduces the development of tap technique and terminology.  Your student will explore rhythm, coordination, and timing of this American percussive art form as they enjoy a wide range of musical accompaniment and discover their own "acapella" sounds.  Tap I offered in combination with ballet and/or jazz and hip-hop.  Tap II is a continued advancement of skills, including turns, jumps, time steps, etc, and meets once per week.  Mary Jane style tap shoes are required.  


Tap Jam Independent Study 9+

For more advanced level tappers, this class will will introduce improvisation and elements of choreography.  Students will be guided in putting together their own phrases, and are encouraged to work independently to practice advancing their tap skills.  This is an add-on 30 minute once per week class.  



Jazz/Hip-Hop I & II ages 7+ 

This class incorporates traditional, Broadway, contemporary and street styles of jazz and hip-hop in a high energy, fun atmosphere.  Proper warm-up, stretching, and dance technique will have you dancer "strutting their stuff" with confidence and style.  Level I offered in combination with ballet and/or tap.  Clean sneakers or ballet shoes may be worn.  Additional performance shoes may be required.  Level II is a continuation and advancement of skills, and meets once per week.  Jazz shoes or jazz sneakers highly recommended.   


Baton Ages 8+

Learn the technique to twirl and throw the baton as well as the coordinating dance moves. 


 Ballet II Ages 8+

With continued emphasis on correct placement and proper technique learned in Ballet I, at this level students are able to begin to go beyond the basics and will execute a full ballet barre and learn proper vocabulary and sequencing for all steps, both at barre and in center combinations, including adagio (slow, controlled, connected flow), petite allegro (small, quick jumps), pirouettes and other turns, and grand allegro (large travelling and leaping movement).  Your budding ballet dancer will achieve a growing sense of self discipline, self esteem, and self determination while applauding and respecting the efforts of others as they learn to joy of working together.  This class meets twice per week for 45 minutes.  Leotard, pink footed tights and pink ballet shoes.  


Ballet III Ages 9+ (with instructor's approval)

This level requires more commitment on the part of the student.  The student must have a secure grasp of ballet technique and be prepared to keep up in a more fast paced class while maintaining alignment and control.  Elements of contemporary ballet which incorporate lyrical and modern dance will be introduced. Continued work on flexibility, work on core strength combined with breath and softness will have your dancer tackling even more difficult and breathtaking moves with aplomb, grace, and style.  This class meets twice per week and may be combines with pre-pointe/pointe with permission from the instructor.  Leotard, pink convertible tights and pink ballet shoes.  


Pre-Pointe/Pointe Ages 10+ (with instructor's approval)

Most young ballerinas dream of dancing en pointe for years before they are ready to don their first very pair of pointe shoes.  Many factors are involved in determining when a student is ready to dance en pointe including age, strength of the legs, ankles, feet, and core, and a firm grasp of ballet technique and alignment.  Since this is highly individualized, the student will need to be evaluated by the instructor before progressing to pointe work.  This class is designed to help the student build the necessary strength, skills, and alignment for pointe work, while allowing the instructor to access readiness, lessening the risk for injury and degenerative structural problems that may occur with improper pointe work.  Students who are in Pre-Pointe/Pointe must take at least two additional ballet classes per week and is a 30 minute twice per week class.  Pointe shoes must be fitted by a trained expert.  Conversion tights required for this class.


Int/Adv Jazz/Hip-Hop or Lyrical Combo Ages 9+ (with instructor's approval

This is an Intermediate/Advanced level class offered in combination with level III Ballet and/or Tap.  Student must have a secure grasp of their dance technique and be prepared to keep up with a more fast paced class while maintaining alignment and control,.  Various styles will be explored such as Fosse, Broadway, Swing, African and the different genres of Hip-Hop, while adding contemporary floorwork and elements of partnering.  This class is 30 minutes once per week.  Jazz shoes required.  Other shoes will depend on curriculum and will be discuss at the first class.


Intro to Dance ages 10+ #6-weeks Course    (Look for this class to be offered again in January 2020)

Dance is Joy. Dance is Love. Dance, at the core of our being, is a celebration of movement and of life.  Dance, ageless and timeless, is for everyone.  Dance basics beginning technique will introduce elements of ballet, jazz, and lyrical.  Perfect for the new color guard or drill team members wanting to improve their dance technique and ability.   Leotard, tights, and ballet shoes are required.