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Included in Dance Studio Sale - The Grinch 2019

With the motto of "Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a Store," our mission with this production was "Reuse, Recycle, and Repurpose" so we used many costumes from Rudolf and The Nutcracker as well as creating new props out of recyclables.  (For example, .the clock below is made from a plastic fabric softener bottle)  We also borrowed some props, which will be noted when applicable since they are not included in the sale.  This production features parts for ages 4+ and includes choreography in tap, jazz, hip-hop and ballet.

The Grinch is awakened by his Suessical clock radio playing an upbeat Christmas tune. Note:  Blanket is borrowed.


Max brings breakfast and realizing there is no real food, The Grinch decides that if they have to go out on Christmas Eve, they might as well cause some trouble to the Who's.


...and he does with first, the Who ice skaters at the ice pond (with Seussical Fish sign).  We have 4 more swirl skirts, but used tutus from Nutcracker's Snow for smaller dancers...


...then with the Little Whos building a snowman outside of town...


...then with the Little Who Carolers in town...


..and then with the Who Chefs preparing the Who feast.  Some of the covered dishes were borrowed.


Overhearing the Who decorating committee's plans to make "this Christmas the Best Ever", Max and the Grinch sneak back to their cave to plan mayhem...


..and order an Acme Christmas Tree Disintegrator from Amazon Prime.


But the plot backfires and with Max's help, the decorating proceeds.  The three Who houses are new, the mountains are also used in our Rudolf production.


As the decorating committee continues work, Cindy Lou (behind cube present stack), helping her mom with present shopping, asks "what is the true meaning of Christmas"


"Where are you Christmas" with Cindy Lou and Friends.  Dresses are from The Nutcracker production.  New headpieces added.


In the meantime, the Grinch, back at his cave is imagining all the noise on Christmas morning.  The Cave is used as Bumble's cave in the Rudolf production.  Signs were added for this production.


"Noise, Noise, Noise"  involves the entire cast.  Tricycle and wagon were borrowed.

Detail of one of the noise instruments made from recyclables.

"The chefs will bring in the feast...".


"..and then they'll sing, sing, sing, sing!  I must stop Christmas from coming, but how?" 

The plan includes a reindeer.  Max volunteers to be the reindeer, but the Grinch wants a real one.  The Acme "reindeer locator" is borrowed.  Material prop pre-cut for a Santa coat and hat was dropped on the floor prior to this photo.


They find reindeer, but are unable to catch one, so Max gets the part.  We have many more reindeer costumes sizes 4/6 to adult from Rudolf.  Lasso was borrowed.

The plan is to wait until all Who's are dreaming  with "sugarplums dancing in their heads".  Costumes are from The Nutcracker Gumdrops.  We have 6.

Cindy Lou's house rotates...

...to become the interior.  Fridge opens and contains the roast beast, Who pudding, and...

the last can of Who Hash

In "Is that you Santy Claus?"  the Grinch and Max take everything to "stop Christmas from coming"

The tree base rotates for easy decorating and... undecorating during the dances.

"leaving crumbs much too small for other Who mice"  Mice costumes from The Nutcracker.  Santa hats added to the ear headpieces.  

But in the end, he could not stop Christmas, so he brings everything back.  Sleigh is also used in Rudolf.  Large bag of "everything" was added for this production.

The Grinch joins in singing, then the chefs retrieve the roast beast, which the Grinch carves for the final pose.  Knifes(not shown) were borrowed.