Our Buds to Blooms Preschool Program
Ages 18 month to 6 1/2 years

Buds to Blooms – Pre-school Dance Education for ages 1 ½ to 6 ½


Children + Music + Dance = The Best Learning Environment EVER!


The first music that a child hears is the rhythmic beat of the mother's heart, the rhythm of life, before they are born – and the child feels the beat and naturally wants to move to it! So it's no surprise that young children are naturally drawn to music, are fascinated by it, and will begin dancing when they hear it!


Buds to Blooms is a series of dance enrichment classes for ages 1 ½ to 6 ½ years, filled with joyful activities that will stimulate your child's ways of thinking and moving. “Watch your child bloom when confidence soars and creativity is blossoms!”






Ages 1 1/2+ DANCE BUDDIES 30 minutes                                  

(Look for Dance with Me classes on our schedule)

You are your child's first and most loved dance partner as your child embarks on their magical journey of discovery! Through rhyme, make believe, props, and rhythmic instruments, your child will learn valuable self-control, the ability to work with others in a group and follow directions as their physical skills develop and their confidence blossoms in this once per week class. 



Ages 2 1/2+ GOTTA DANCE 45 minutes                   

(Look for Creative Dance I classes on the schedule)

Confident of their independence, your child is ready to spread their wings and soar by themselves, making friends and discovering all the ways that their young bodies can move to the music in this once per week class! Favorites from DANCE BUDDIES is interspersed with basic dance and pre-ballet skills, as valuable social skills of co-operation and sharing are learned. Making shapes, movement patterns, self-expression, moving safely in a group, balance, flexibility, and memory skills are practiced. Skills like jumping, rocking, rolling, spinning, as well as controll of fine locomotor skills and body parts are mastered. Lesson plans reinforce your child's newly budding discoveries of their fascinating world as well as counting skills, sequencing skills, vocabulary and pre-reading skills.



Ages 3+ HAPPY FEET 45 minutes                               

(Look for Creative Dance II classes on the schedule)

With your child's growing mastery of their young bodies, they are now ready to add pre-tap rhythmic skills and pre-hip-hop strengthening challenges. Your child's cherished activities from GOTTA DANCE are mixed with new physical and rhythmic challenges that will delight and strenghten their growing bodies. Joyfully using new skills such as jumping, hopping, skipping, and leaping, your child will journey through the magical world of their imagination.




Ages 4+ RISING STARS Choose 45 or 60 minutes      

(Look for Kinder I classes on the schedule)

With their growing confidence and control, as well as ability to focus on task for a lengthening amount of time, your child is now ready for new challenges. Our 45 minute Kinder Ballet is a wonderful introduction into the magic of ballet. We use “A Fantasy Garden Ballet” where we meet such magical creatures as Tendu the Tulip, Port de Bras the Spider, and Skippy the Squirrel. Ballet terminology, steps and positions are introduced as part of our magical garden world, while retaining favorites from HAPPY FEET. Our 60 minute Kinder Combo I adds Kinder Tap and Hip-Hop Tot skills for a comprehensive movement experience that will leave your child glowing with excitement.


Ages 5+ SHOOTING STARS Choose 45 or 90 minutes  

(Look for Kinder II classes on the schedule)

Favorites from RISING STARS are practiced with additions of new skills. Our 45 minute Kinder Ballet II introduces new Fantasy Garden Ballet characters such as Waltzing Caterpillars, Leaping Lady Bugs and Emboite Ants. Our 90 minute Kinder Combo II adds new tap skills that combine previously mastered skills as well as additional hip-hop and jazz skills that continue to engage and challenge your child to new levels of accomplishment.