Adult Dance Classes
"Dance is a way to find ourselves and lose ourselves, all at the same time."



Ageless Dance Flow   NEW!!

Guaranteed to make you feel and look more youthful!  As we age, we tend to lose mobility.  Moving can become painful. Get greater range of movement, more elasticity in your muscles and freedom of movement in your joints!  Unlock your joints and muscles using the best practices from dance, pilates, and yoga to lengthen and strengthen, while protecting. No forcing, no pain, just gentle lengthening flow of movement using your own body weight and range of movement!

Ageless Dance Flow is a full body workout that starts with a gentle warm-up to loosen, relax, and get the blood flowing.  Then we will start with the upper body to open the shoulders and chest for more range of motion and better posture, working down through the spine to the waist and abdominal for greater support of the lower back, and as a bonus, a trimmer waist!  We will continue to the hips with movements to increase the flow of synovial fluid into the hip joints, working the psoas, groin, hamstrings, and calf muscles for greater range of movement, while strengthening the quads, hamstrings, and knees.  We will finish with special range of movement and strengthening exercises for the feet and hands, ending with gentle relaxation and breathing to rejuvenize and leave you feeling fantastique!

Ageless Dance Flow can be modified for a seated workout and is recommended for any age.  No prior dance training required.  This is a great class start your path into dance, or re-ignite your past love of dance.  Wonderful for anyone with arthritis or other joint or muscle pain.  Start your journey to a more open, free, and comfortable body while looking and feeling your best.  First class is complimentary!  Call 903-880-9999 today!

As with any physical activity, please consult your doctor for approval.  Please wear comfortable clothing that will not restrict your movement.  It can be done barefoot or with lightweight, supportive athletic shoes.  Please bring a yoga mat for standing exercises and a pillow (optional) for relaxation.